Zon Bootcamp (how to create and sell websites for $100,000+ profit in a year): http://readypremiumcontent.com/go/zon-boot-camp/
Week 1:
For the first week, Tony says:
“In this first week we are going to research what niche to build our site in, what products to promote, picking a site structure, choosing a domain name and ordering/writing some content.”
Tony says there are two different types of sites you can build- he goes into the pros and cons of each.
He gives a link to an example of a site that sold for $10,000 on Flippa- it’s an example of one of these types of sites.
He then gives more examples- one site sold for $11,000, one for $29,800, one for $50,000.
He says if you want to get $100,000 or more for selling your site, you should think big.
The example site for the training is based on “thinking big” to earn more.
He gives a description of the site he’s building as well as a video that demonstrates what to look for.
Tony goes into exactly which types of products you should target to review on your site. There’s also a video that demonstrates how to do this.
Next, he goes into how to choose a domain name- and includes a video detailing this.
Now, he goes into content! He talks about exactly what type of content to write/outsource.. he has criteria for his starter content as well as for each review.
The way he’s doing this, it will only take a little bit of time each week of the training to build and sell the site!
He gives resources for ordering content for VERY inexpensively.
Next, Tony details the layout your review articles should have. He has a template he gives in this section. He’s very specific about what he does. He even details his reasons for putting products you’re reviewing in specific spots and how he orders the products for maximum SEO benefit.
He talks about how to write these yourself.
If you’re outsourcing these, he gives you a script to hand off to the outsourcer so they produce exactly what you want.
Next, he gives you a checklist of EXACTLY what to do this week.
Good stuff!!