Long ago, I was looking for a good membership site solution. Unfortunately, it seemed like everything out there was incredibly overpriced or just way too difficult to use.

Luckily, I happened to be on a forum where Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos were looking for beta testers for their newest product, WP Member Champ.

I hopped on the beta team without hesitation, because I happened to be looking for a great membership site solution at that time.

The deal was that if you accepted the beta tester position, you had to give feedback pretty much right away. I was happy to do this, and it definitely motivated me to use it immediately.

I was hooked from the first use!

While WP Member Champ lacks some features that certain membership site WordPress tools have, it’s definitely worth the asking price. It’s a simple, no fuss tool that anyone even halfway familiar with WordPress can use.

WP Member Champ gives you several setting options, allows you to connect your PayPal account, and autoresponder account and tracks your users (and any cancellations) for you.

You can protect certain pages os that only members can see them, and leave other pages open for anyone in public to see!

I would not recommend this plugin if you’re looking for something incredibly robust – because this simply won’t be it. But if simple is your middle name (I know it’s mine!), And WP Member Champ will be all you need.

I continue to use it to this day, and don’t really feel the need to search for anything else at this time. It serves my needs perfectly, and works like a champ (no pun intended).

Check out WP Member Champ, here.