I recently came across this article: Feminine Mistake

It actually made me kind of upset.  I think the person’s heart is in the right place, but she doesn’t come across in the right way.  Basically, the article states that women need to stay in the workforce.  That saying home and witnessing every “lost tooth” your children have isn’t worth the monetary losses that come from skipping out on working outside of the home for a few years.

I think her heart is in the right place (because I like to see the good in everyone), but there is no way I agree.  Even if I didn’t have the opportunity to work at home I would still want to stay home in some way shape or form.  Who cares if I’m giving up the chance to earn a position as assistant-to-the-ceo-whose-rear-I-need-to-kiss.

Her main point is that too many women give up those years for their children and then if they become widowed they have nothing to fall back on.  The article also cites statistics like those taking a 3 year break form work lose out on 40% of their pay when they come back.

Women definitely need to develop skills and know where they can get money, or learn to earn money if that time comes.  It’s just plain smart to prepare for your future.

With that being said, it’s just too strong to say that working and securing those high end paychecks is more important than staying home with your children.  Missing those precious moments is something I refuse to do.  That is worth more than any paycheck.

However, I do agree that moms should get their thinking caps on about raising their family if it were strictly up to them (and many single moms already do that!).  The best way I know is to have the best of both worlds.  You can stay home with your children, and be your own CEO right in your living room 🙂

Forget the corporate ladder, I’d rather play “Shoots and Ladders”

Women are NOT stupid to want to stay and home and raise their children 🙂

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