When I first started browsing the Warrior Special Offer section back in 2007, I often got sticker shock.

“That much for an ebook? Really??”

I managed to find many valuable ones, but they were usually in the $17+ range. After buying, and taking action with, many WSO’s, I was cool with that price.

It was even cooler when I was the one selling WSO’s, because I was able to see some nice paydays and develop a loyal list of buyers.

There was a long time where I didn’t offer a WSO — no reason in particular, it just fell off of my map as a product creator.

Several months ago, I realized I was leaving money on the table, because it’s an incredibly fast moving, and lucrative, marketplace.

Upon returning to the WSO section to figure out how to shape my offer, I was shocked to find that the prices were VERY LOW!

As in, many started around $3-5 and topped off at $10.

I have been launching mine on dimesales, at around that rate.

What I’ve noticed?

They fly off the shelves… however, I don’t know that that would be the case if it weren’t for affiliates.

Ahhhhhhh, affiliates.

Affiliates, I believe have been a game changer when it comes to Warrior Special Offers. Where it used to be “every man for himself” in the WSO section (as far as how well your WSO took off), it’s now on the shoulders of affiliates.

There are some great things about this! It tends to make your $40 you spend to advertise your WSO worth much more, because your offer falls off the front page so quickly. When you have affiliates promoting your offer, it doesn’t matter how many pages down you area, they get linked directly to your offer by people praising your work.

This can do wonders for your sales.

The problem is, prices are so darn low. Seriously.

We have kicked ourselves in the tail by offering insane value at $3… but what are we to do? As product creators, we can’t really backtrack and say “okay, things are $17 now!” because no one else is doing that. You can’t compete by offering incredible value…these offers already do that (at least the ones I mail as an affiliate do!).

It is still very profitable and fun to run a WSO, it is just an interesting lesson to examine the price points over the years and how massive the WSO packages have gotten. We are shaping people’s expectations, and there is probably no turning back now.

Despite the flack it receives sometimes, I still look upon the WSO section fondly, because it is such a hotbed of innovation — seriously… if you need a great, up to the minute strategy, that is where you’re going to find it.

And you’re going to find it for $5.