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I hope you are having a great day! My day’s been okay- the kids had off from school and I had a neuro appointment. I got a lot of work done today as well but still have a lot left today. The life of working from home 🙂 Busy, busy… but FUN!

I wasn’t even going to look at this, but pretty much everyone is talking about it, and then a friend showed me an example of what it does. I’d seen it on launch day but had so much on my plate… But when I saw it, I was really excited! It’s pretty awesome!

I’m talking about the talk of the business and marketing world- VideoPal!


I’ve been able to generate a special page to access VideoPal, just for my readers! This special link will give you access to an exclusive discount and exclusive added bonuses. You should see the most current discount code and/or deal on that page (the VideoPal owners will update it with the current running special).

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It’s such a cool concept. And I had to write about it IMMEDIATELY because, being late to the game, I didn’t realize that the price is rising. ! Check here for the most current coupon and/or discount and to get exclusive added bonuses.


I do think you’ll like this– I love it and I’ve put it to use on my site already. How was I able to do that? Because it takes just minutes to do!

What is VideoPal?


It’s a way to use awesome video characters right on your websites (even websites you don’t even own!). It can help you get more emails for your list, sell more affiliate products, sell more of your own products, and engage your site visitors, customers, and audience for anything you need to!

You get to choose 3D characters, 2D characters, and even put YOURSELF in a video.

You can give the characters – the “cool little site people” as I’ve been calling them – a script to read for you! You can get them to pop out links to click and email forms to sign up for!

There are built in scripts as well.

Or, you can use your own voice.

VideoPal is very flexible and you create your “little site people” online- nothing to install. It’s not very techie at all… but it will wow the people who buy from you and visit your website. It’s a great pattern interrupt on sales pages and on sites in general.

It grabs attention and adds value… which adds dollars to your wallet.

If you use this the right way, you will earn more and have a bigger list. You just have to grab it (ASAP so you get the lowest price) and use it.

To help you with that, I’ve put together a post and guide of TEN different ways you can profit from VideoPal. You can actually grab that even if you bought from someone else and even if you don’t buy or intend to buy. You can get some cool ideas from my brainstorm 🙂

Here’s the link to that “Profit From VideoPal in 10 Different Ways” Post/PDF:



I DO have another bonus for this– in addition to the bonuses you’ll see in your download area after you get access to VideoPal. There’s a reason so many are promoting this and why they’ve sold 15,000+ copies of this- it’s really cool and everyone loves it 🙂

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VideoPal is low in price (much lower than I expected)… with the 10 profit ideas I’m giving you right now (grab the PDF through the link above or check this post), plus the 10 additional profit ideas you’ll get as a bonus, PLUS getting to choose two products or PLR of mine, you come out a major winner.

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You WILL love this 🙂

I’m just sorry I didn’t check it out sooner!


That Girl the Writer

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