It’s been a few days since I’ve started the Squidoo/One Week Marketing challenge. To recap — my goal is to use Squidoo as a testing ground. I want to create highly valuable lenses on a variety of products and very narrow niches. I know that some of them will do well — those will be fleshed out into larger campaigns and more involved lenses. I’ll also develop niche sites on those ‘winners’ that I know are easy to rank with and earn from.

There will be lenses that are total duds. Those will be left alone to earn whatever they can on Squidoo, but I won’t bother to expand those promotions. It’s a fantastic way to test things out so you only spend your energy on niches and products you know are worth it.

So far, I have 5 lenses. Two have received comments and two have received Squidoo Likes.

These lenses are just babies, so there are no other stats to speak of.

I’ve mentioned that I’m using Jennifer Ledbetter’s One Week Marketing for this challenge. I’m following it because I’d purchased the original One Week Marketing back in 2008. I hadn’t done a lot with it (though I know it was very good even then). The re-vamped version is very different. It’s much easier to follow (I’m very sure it would be easy even for those who are brand new) and the plan makes solid sense. I’m very sure it will work, based on my own affiliate marketing and SEO experiences.

I’ve been learning a lot about how Squidoo works now since it had been a while since I’d studied it. Those likes and comments were a result of being part of the Squidoo community. I didn’t do anything special — it’s stuff any new person could do. I visit others’ lenses, comment on their Guestbooks, ‘like’ others’ lenses, and so on.

I’ve become fascinated with the way Squidoo’s community works. There are those who have special ‘powers’ (for lack of a better word). They can do things to your lens that can really boost things. I had a SQuidoo Angel ‘bless’ one of my lenses, which is supposed to boost things. I also got extra points because a Giant Squid liked one of my lenses. The points boost your level, which does things I don’t quite understand yet.

I have a lot to learn about Squidoo, but so far I feel pretty confident about this process. It doesn’t take that long to build a Squidoo lens (between 30-60 minutes for me) and Jennifer has shared so many incredible tips for optimizing the lenses that I really have no worries — I’m pretty excited, actually.

I’m writing content of about 1K words long for each lens, broken down across several modules. I’ve also been using Squidcrafter to add Amazon links. I’ll probably review that in another post because it’s fantastic.

I highly recommend you join in on this challenge – I aim to create 100 lenses by March 1, 2013. From there, I’ll asses how the lenses perform and really build things up to start to dominate certain products and niches.

Check out One Week Marketing, here

Check back here often for updates — I’ll have more stats and tips I’ve learned along the way. I can’t share the exact One Week Marketing strategy, of course. But I can tell you that I’m ready for phase 2 now that my initial five lenses have been completed. This will really ramp things up.