Way back when, I started this blog as part of a 60-day challenge on listbuilding. The focus was on setting up a blog with various opt-in forms and squeeze pages to get people to opt-in to a list.

I went through that course a bit half-heartedly, but I did many of the steps. I can’t say that I’ve ever given this 100% devotion. This blog has remained a way for me to write about whatever it is I want to write about, with a focus on helping WAHM’s and WAHD’s.

So, my list has sort of built itself all these years.

More often than not, my list has been neglected.

That’s probably because I’ve always had too many irons in the fire. But I shudder when I think about all the ways I could have put more of a focus on lisbuilding and come out ahead.

There are so many incredible things that come from building a list– not the least of which is earning a great income from it by offering services and selling and promoting products.

Building a list helps me to connect with people one on one– and that’s really, really important to me.

My list has remained tiny all these years, simply because I haven’t put my focus on making it bigger. I’m older and wiser now (that’s the hope, at least!) so now I realize how important it is to put a focus on it.

My first goal is to grow my list to 10,000 people. I hope to still actively communicate one on one to list subscribers who have questions or bounce ideas around– that human connection is SO important to me.

I also want to increase the income I earn from my list to the same amount, per month.

Is that crazy? No… I know it’s not crazy at all. In fact, I have consistently earned more than $1 per subscriber, per month every time I’ve made list marketing a focus.

How do I manage that? I put the people first. The people…you… matter more to me than the money. Now it’s time to expand my reach.

The first step has been to update the tools I’m using. It’s time for me to get with the 2015 program 🙂

So, I’ve subscribed to the highest-level subscription at LeadPages.

I’ll be documenting what I do and how I’m liking LeadPages. With the little I’ve played around with it so far, this is a total, total game changer.

*note, that is an affiliate link.

Join me through this journey– and start putting a focus on building your list, too!

**So far, LeadPages has been SO easy. The help tools are phenomenal and it’s a lot easier than even Optimize Press, which I’ve used for years. Best of all, it’s very professional and offers features I haven’t found anywhere else.