I‘m a happy girl when it’s Mad Men time. I just caught up with the newest episode last night. In typical Mad Men fashion, not that much happened but everything happened at the same time. As a copywriter, I find myself lost in dreaming of belonging to the Madison Avenue world. In reality, I would hate it.

Don is magnetically drawn to it. It’s in his blood now. So much so that he’s still in the game even though he’s technically out. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but let’s just say he’s still getting his say as a copywriter, even as he snuggles up to Neve Campbell on an airplane home from the coyote howls of Megan’s new pad and deludes himself into thinking he doesn’t care about any of it.

Ad Age is excited for the return of Mad Men, too. Here’s a look at real ad headlines they gathered from that time. Let this inspire you until Don Draper comes back into our living rooms on Sunday.

The return of “Mad Men” for a seventh and final season last Sunday found Don Draper watching Richard Nixon become president, a smart young executive talking up marketing mix modeling and Freddie Rumsen pitching for Accutron watches, then a technological marvel.

But what had real ad execs talking at the time? Check out some of the actual advertising headlines from the era, courtesy of Ad Age’s archives.

Credits: ‘Mad Men’ Throwback Thursday: Real Ad Headlines From the Final Season