I’ve now been working online for a little bit over a year. In this year I’ve accomplished more than I ever dreamed! Still, there are times when I get down on myself for not reaching my income goals as quickly as I would like.

I have to stop myself often and congratulate myself often for a job well done just to keep my chin up! I have spent a lifetime of trying to be perfect. I got good grades in school, but always felt like I could be doing better. The same goes with my online business. I mean- I was able to quit my job as a teacher, stay home with my baby, AND buy a brand new home just from working online. That’s HUGE!

The reason I’m typing this is to let you know that if you’re frustrated about getting started working online, or you just can’t seem to make the income you want – pat yourself on the back anyway! Let yourself be excited about your successes- even if it’s just an Adsense click worth a few cents.

Keeping your mind and actions positive will snowball into even more positive things. The self doubt you feel will only hold you back. Do yourself a favor and promise to only be positive about your online business from this point on.

Don’t get upset because you didn’t get as many articles written as you could have because your baby was fussy. Be proud of what you DID get done. Don’t beat up on yourself because you took an hour to browse the forums. We all need breaks!

As long as you’re taking action, thinking positively, and modeling those who are successful you will reach your goals.