A short (1:20 minute) review of Titanium Backlinks:

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been hanging around the Warrior Forum very much anymore. It’s not that I don’t think there is valuable stuff there or good people there or anything like that. It’s because I feel like an overwhelming number of scumbags got wind that all you have to do to make money online is selling WSO’s telling people how to make money online.

I don’t dig it.

I’m no stranger to selling my own products that help people earn from their business– but, I practice what I preach. The problems come when people see a ‘hot’ topic and decide to rehash other products to get a few sales, even if they don’t have experience. It’s one thing if the person is acting as a reporter (after all, there are many nonfiction books written by reputable people who have done their research) — that’s great. It’s not so great when some pass off information as something they’ve done, when they really haven’t.

I’ve ranted on longer than I meant to, but I wanted to say all of that for a specific reason. Erica Stone is NOT like that at all. She mostly releases WSO products, but she practices what she preaches. She’s a successful affiliate marketer (mostly Amazon, from what I gather), expert on Squidoo, and consummate┬átester of all things Internet marketing. You can bet that if she has a product about it, she’s tried it.

A few days ago, I got an email stating that she was releasing a product called Titanium Backlinks. It was the result of her testing what works in the current Internet space as far as getting traffic to your websites. More traffic means more money for you. Awesome!

I was sitting at my computer when I received an email Erica had sent out to her list, asking for people to read and review her book in exchange for their honest review on her forum thread. I jumped at the chance since I’m a fan of her stuff. It took me a couple of days to make the time to read it, but I found myself smiling when I did.

It’s well written and laid out in a way that makes it easy to understand and implement. Better than that, I know without a doubt that anyone who puts this strategy into action can succeed with getting more traffic.

It intertwines high quality content with the social nature of the web. If you’re going against this flow, you’re really missing out. Erica puts everything together in an easy to understand format that’s easy even for disorganized people like me.

I highly recommend you check this one out– it’s awesome for anyone trying to find a way to get more traffic– traditional businesses, service based businesses, internet marketers, niche marketers, affiliate marketers, and every combination in between.

Check it out– you can read my review on the thread as well!

Erica is one of the ‘good guys’ of Internet marketing, and Titanium Backlinks is a fantastic product I know you’ll get a lot out of.