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A week or so ago, a LOT of you grabbed a fantastic business model from Marlon Sanders that has you create niche planners to sell… and earn from by the end of January.
Check that out here, to see what I’m talking about:
It’s truly a great business model. Such a great idea… and clearly very profitable, as Marlon earned $13,000+ from it in a very short time.
Have you taken action with that business model yet?
Maybe you aren’t sure how to get started. Maybe you haven’t had the time. Today, I found a shortcut for you… this is GREAT!
And this shortcut is perfect for those who create/publish Journals and/or planners for CreateSpace/Amazon!
Sue Fleckenstein– who is so fantastic– has just released brand new PLR geared toward this exact business model that is perfect for the New Year! It’s all about Journal and Planner PLR and it includes 12 Word Templates to get you started with this business.
If you hired someone to create this for you, you’d pay anywhere from $50-$200 …
But, this PLR is available for far, far less… and you get the same result.
Sue’s PLR pack includes an 11 page, 3,200 word Lead Magnet that discusses the benefits of journaling. Use it to build a specific journal list of interested customers.
The main report comes with an editable ecover in 2 styles, plus a blank cover so you can easily insert your own title in a program such as Pic Monkey or Paint. You also get the PSD files if you have Photoshop.
This saves you a TON of time on creating potentially very profitable planners and journals.
Also, let’s talk about GIFTS and the power of FREE! It’s the Niche Authority Revolution. It’s my latest ‘mini’ product and people are loving it so far.
It’s a fantastic method that will allow you to dominate any niche, build your list, get more notice, and make more sales…
It’s a fun and easy method and I know you’ll love it. It’s super, super low in price on a dimesale right now.
Grab it during early launch because the price will nearly double shortly.
(PLR is also available after purchase– at a discount for a short time!)
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I just know you’ll love the planner/journaling niche– so check out Marlon and Sue’s respective offers for more on that… could be quite lucrative for you, and Sue basically does it for you!
And don’t forget to grab my latest mini product and the PLR upgrade for pennies on the dollar– you’ll love it!