Have you been hearing from your kids, “stay at home mom, work from home!” If you have been forced to work outside of your home the chances are good that the little ones miss you. It’s also probable that you’d rather work at home as well. It makes financial sense and sense from a childcare point of view. But is it possible?

The answer is definitely yes! There are many work at home moms who are currently running their own successful home business.

There is also no one right answer to what the right job for you is. It has to do with:

  • The amount of time you have to spend on your businesses
  • Your income goals
  • Your computer efficiency (if you’re going to work online, a very viable option)
  • Family dynamics
  • Your personal drive
  • Your organization and business skills

That might seem like a long list, but they are all things that you already possess, can figure out or can improve on . For instance, if you’re running here and there with no time to do your work you’ll have to shift your priorities time-wise. If you know that working at home can change yours and your children’s lives for the better, that’s definitely a factor that will increase your drive for success.

It can seem daunting right now, but there are an incredible number of work at home opportunities for you to take part in. In fact, if you’re currently working outside the home you can match your monthly income with a bit of elbow grease. The sky is the limit when it comes to having a work at home job.

Since you’ve made the choice to be your own boss you’ll never have to hear the heart-wrenching, “stay at home mom, work from home!” You will be right where your children need you and where you want to be.

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