Everyone needs more traffic! If there is one thing I see people (including me!) struggle with time and time again, it’s getting enough visitors to their site and achieving top Google rankings. I do some SEO work for my clients, so I have to test out a variety of new tools to keep their sites at the top of the rankings (as well as my own!). The latest one I’ve tested out is called SEOLinkVine, by Brad Callen.

My initial impression was, “wow! This is some beautiful copy!” The whole look of SEOLinkvine is truly beautiful. I know, I know — it doesn’t matter how pretty something is, all that matters is that it works well. However, I find that enjoy using something a lot more if it is pleasant to use. SEOLinkVine certainly fits the bill.

Not only is it “pretty,” but it is also very intuitive. It’s easy to submit and spin articles using the service. There are also some great videos that teach you step by step what you need to do.

Surprisingly enough, this membership has allowed me to eliminate two other needs — the need for an article spinner and the need for software that tracks Google, Bing, and Yahoo rankings for my site, for my targeted keywords. It’s really magnificent that these two features are included.

Maybe I should backtrack a little bit! Perhaps you haven’t heard exactly what SEOLinkVine is, which is why you’re reading this review! Basically, it allows you to submit articles with up to three links in them. You put spin syntax in the articles (you can do this within your control area or use a service like “The Best Spinner” instead). Then, it will drip submit spun versions of your articles to fitting blogs around the web. These blogs come from all different IP addresses and are of varying ages and page rank. That means it appears more natural.

SEOLinkVine has a fairly large network of blogs. With my initial test articles, I submitted 6 articles total (in three different niches). Unique versions of those articles (I spin mine to 100%) were posted 523 times! That means I’ve got as many backlinks just from the efforts of those 6 articles.

Of course, having links is no good if it’s not doing anything for you. I am now number 2 in Google for a term I’ve been trying to drive up the first page since November ’09 🙂 The site is turning into a great earner! In my book, that’s pretty darn good.

Another feature I LOVE is the “get content” feature. You can submit a blog (or multiple blogs) into the system so you can receive content. You are able to be picky about what you accept — and I am! That means I get fresh content posted to some of my blogs (I only accept very well written articles that are highly relevant and over 80% unique). This has also done great things for my site’s rankings (hint — word on the street is that Google likes for your site to have relevant outgoing links. This lets you get that with no work!)

The bottom line here is that this membership is well worth it. I’m seeing great results with early testing, I get free, relevant, and unique content, it tracks your rankings for you, it’s super-pretty, and it just plain works.

I can highly recommend SEOLinkVine (and I’ve tried many services like this, with varying results). If you purchase SEOLinkVine through my link, I will write an article for you (including spinner syntax!) This is a great value — a single spun article can result in 100’s of backlinks using this system!

Just e-mail me at freelancejenn (at) gmail (dot) com after purchase to collect your bonus.