Okay, one of my goals with this blog is to help moms find things that really work. There is no need to fuss around with methods of earning online that are ineffective. Trust me…I’ve dealt with plenty of them since I’ve been marketing online! It’s amazing what junk is out there.

In fact, it can be really discouraging. I sometimes feel like throwing in the towel when I work hard at something and nothing ever comes of it. This time, however, I’m going to recommend a product that is so amazing I can’t imagine anyone trying it and not succeeding.

Secret Affiliate Code by Craig Beckta is the golden ticket I’m talking about!

I’ve known Craig from forums for a while, and was delighted to see that he had a major release of a book. He had some really heavy hitters promoting for him when he released this book a few months ago. I bought my copy out of loyalty and set it aside.

Then, there was an affiliate promotion popping up that I knew I didn’t have a chance in because the other affiliates had much bigger lists than I did. I remembered the promises Craig makes on his sales page, and decided to give it a try.

Lo and behold, I put the method to work (it took between 4-6 hours…I didn’t time myself 😉 and waited nervously. I mean, this was a big promotion and I thought I didn’t have a chance. Here is a screenshot of the results (with the name of the product and transaction number blurred out for obvous reasons)

I am very impressed with the Secret Affiliate Code method, and I can attest that it does work. Yes, you will have to DO the work. But it doesn’t take much. Earning $436.50 on a launch I felt I had little chance in is certainly not too shabby.

I definitely suggest you check out Secret Affiliate Code for yourself. Don’t let it just sit around like I did at first, do what it says and you will be richly rewarded!

*Update*  I still need to go through all of the material, but Craig has just released Secret Affiliate Code 2. I recieved a review copy and it’s even more comprehensive than the first.  I’ll release a review once I’ve had a chance to go through it all, but you can pick it up here now 🙂