Hopefully you have set up hosting through Bluehost or a similar hosting service by this point. If you haven’t, it’s really easy and cheap to get started. Just click on one of the links I’ve added in the previous sentence to get some help. Of course, that’s just the first step in setting up a new website.

You need to do these things before moving on:

Choose your Niche

Choose the platform you’re going to use

Now then, you need to start thinking about the content you’re going to have on your website. There is no magic formula to doing this, but there are some general guidelines. First, it’s important to know what the people reading your website are going to be interested in.

That means you need to do some research to get some general ideas. You should:

  • Visit authority sites in your niche to get an idea of how they are using content
  • Look at niche books on Amazon.com to see what kind of content published authors are putting out (browsing the table of contents can give you excellent ideas)
  • Check out magazines in your niche to see what the tantalizing headlines are
  • Visit forums in your niche via Big Boards to see what kinds of questions commonly pop up

Do you have some good ideas yet?  great!  Write thoughts down as they come to you for content you want to cover.  The Next step is going to be organizing those ideas and doing some keyword research. That post is soon to follow (or might already be around if you are reading this later!)

For now, be sure to sign up for your free eBooks on making fast money online here