I’ll admit it…I had never backed up my computer before! I assumed that everything would always be okay and that computer crashes happened to “other” people. Well, here I am doing a Mozy review for online backups, and it’s for a good reason.

My computer crashed and I lost EVERYTHING!

I was away on vacation surfing the web when my beloved MacBook froze up (which it never did). I turned the computer off, waited the obligitory 10 seconds and turned it back on again. All that came up was a flashing question mark. There was nothing I could do on vacation, but when I got home research showed me that the computer was a goner.

I was lucky in a way because all of my client work for ghostwriting was turned in and all of my products I sell were uploaded into my beloved e-junkie shopping cart (thank goodness!) Pictures of my son were also on my husband’s computer, or loaded into Shutterfly. All in all, I really did luck out. But that doesn’t make it any less shocking to lose products you’ve bought, software, and things I’m sure I’ll never rememeber.

Enter Mozy, the online backup solution.

I now have a new MacBook Pro (it’s glorious!) and the first thing I did was sign up for Mozy. Mozy is an online backup software that sort of catalogs the contents of your computer onto their very secure server. It takes a while for it to backup your entire computer the first time (like a day), and then you can set it to backup from then on whenever you want. I have mine set to backup whenever my computer is idle for a certain length of time.

So, what do I think of Mozy? I absolutely LOVE it. There is no complicated hardware to try and figure out, or weird settings.

Here are the steps to backing up with Mozy,

1. Pay your incredibly low fee of $4.95 (holy moly that’s a low price per month!)

2. Download the Mozy software – for PC OR Mac

3. Start backing up your computer (this will take a day or two)

4. Set it to back up automatically (you won’t even notice it in the background!)

What don’t I like about the service? To be honest with you, it’s worked perfectly. For under 5 bucks a month I have the security of knowing that my files are safe on a secure Mozy server. I don’t have to do anything, or even remember to backup.

Since you’re starting your Internet marketing career I’d say Mozy is an absolute must. As you work on your websites, write articles, and purchase products you’ll want to make sure they are safe and secure. Don’t make the mistake I did! Back up your files, I know that I can finally sleep soundly at night. This Mozy review is positive for sure!