I used to be an elementary school teacher.  Back then I was lucky if I could take a few minutes to go to the bathroom, let alone take a few days to go on vacation when I wanted.  This is just reason 2,349,343 that moms working at home have an awesome life.

Lazy days at the beach, hanging with my little boy…nothing could be better!  OK, I’ll admit that I did take my computer along to answer e-mails and make sure all was OK in the online world, but that doesn’t mean I was working my tail off.  The bottom line is that I got to stay in a very nice hotel and simply “just be.”

Are you to the point where you can take off and enjoy yourself whenever you want to?  What’s holding you back?  If the answer is, “my job,” are you content with that?  There are some people who adore working outside of the home.  They like the structure and having a boss to work under.  It’s go to work, complete your work, come home, and you’re done.

OR, are you the type of person who would rather work at home and be your own boss.  Are you the type that wants to be able to take off and vacation “whenever”.  Yes, it can be really tough and there is a lack of structure to contend with.  But the benefits can be really, really amazing.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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