I am a domain name junkie!  If I see a good one I can’t help but pick it up to – someday- develop.  There is just something great about having the perfect domain.  Recently I’ve come across an opportunity to have my own domain names list of premium domains that I am a broker for.  That means people make an offer on a domain they really want and I can accept or reject that offer.  It’s very neat!

Looking through this list of domains is nothing short of amazing.  The person who scouted these out is Gene Pimentel who is a master domainer. Take a look and see if there is anything you like there!

What’s really great is that the list of domain names includes prices of what similar domain names have sold for in the past. That does NOT mean that is what you’ll pay.  It could be quite a bit lower depending on what the broker (me) will allow you to pay.

Going through the domains is great even if you want to find one on your own, to be honest with you. These premium domains are sure to spark some great ideas for you.

I’m also blogging about finding great domains here

Checking out the domain names list will be fun! I’m excited about my new broker status since there is nothing better than a great domain name 🙂