It’s been awhile since I have posted to this blog. While I am apologetic for my absence — I’ve been doing some things that are really exciting for my business! For one thing, I’ve been testing and tweaking some things with my eBay affiliate sites. I hope to have those results for everyone soon, so I can show you exactly how I did it.

In addition to working on my affiliate websites, I have also been keeping up with my ghostwriting business. I always think it’s thrilling to work with people from all over the world, and it gives me a challenge to work for other people with their requirements and deadlines. With that being said, I have also opened up a ghostwriting coaching program! This is where you can benefit in a HUGE way. Personal access to me for 2 months where I take you by the hand to get your business up and running fast.

My goal is to make this the most comprehensive tutorial on how to have your own ghostwriting business on the web. I have many students so far, and all of the feedback has been great! People tell me it’s the BEST course on ANYTHING they’ve ever bought online. I’m literally taking people by the hand and helping them learn how to work from home and get a great ghostwriting business up and running. (It’s called Power Ghostwriting, check it out now!)

I plan on being back blogging regularly now, and I definitely have some new tricks up my sleeve. I’ve been taking a course on using video for blogging, product creation, and other things in Internet marketing. That means we’ll see some videos posted here that can show you exactly how to do things to help you build your business, in real time. I’m very excited about this, because people don’t always want to read things online, and some people just prefer to watch videos. For those who enjoy reading text, I plan on keeping the articles coming. There will only be a good mixture here!

If you’re interested in becoming a ghostwriter, I am running a special on my course. You can get more information here, at a special low introductory price that is literally insanely low. I’m starting it this low because I want early feedback and success stories so I can turn this into the high-end coaching course it already is. Leave any feedback, comments, or questions you have in the comments section, and I look forward to working with you and having you visit the blog regularly.

Do you have some friends or family members who would like to work from home too? Perhaps a mom to be, or dad to be. Send them a link to this website — they’ll thank you for it!