Hey there,

Yesterday, I sent a message offering to take a look at your
Kindle book or plans with marketing suggestions.

You’ve probably heard by now that there is a big shake up in
the free Kindle market. Amazon still allows free book
promos, of course…but affiliates are not allowed to promote
books for free en masse.

That was never a long term strategy anyway. Sure, you might
get lucky and be able to list your Kindle book and make
a zillion sales…but that’s not likely.

Feel free to email me to get that free evaluation (I will

respond ASAP, I am still getting through the emails 🙂

I’ve also had people ask me what the absolute best

Kindle training is. No, I don’t have my own product – other
than my writing materials.

It seems like there are new ‘how to’ Kindle books
released every day. There is always some kind of fancy new
trick people try to cook up

But there is a reason you don’t see me promote everything
under the sun related to Kindle.

One product and one product alone has remained the best.

Those $500 Kindle courses people try to sell you?

Kick them to the curb.

Geoff Shaw’s Kindling is the best there is. I recommended
it last year, and I’ll continue to recommend it.

Why? He adds to it constantly. It’s also very fairly priced.

It’s as if he’s combined 100 Kindle courses into one. I can’t
even begin to list all of the topics he covers! If you’re
interested in Kindle even a little bit, this is the course
to get

He covers:

– How to find markets
– How to promote
– How to write fiction
– How to write erotica
– Children’s books
– Outsourcing
– Co-writing
– Ranking on Amazon
– Formatting
– Pen names
– What to do if you get slapped
– Updated changes to Kindle …
– … and a ton more

I’ll be sending at least one more Kindle related email
this week (you’ll like it), but I thought I’d answer this
question first.

If you’re into Kindle, Kindling is where it’s at.
You’ll instantly receive my BONUS with purchase –
How to Easily Write a Non-Fiction Kindle Book.


P.P.S. Grab Kindling to kick start your 2013 Kindle success.
I’ll be personally diving back into Kindle once my other
challenge is further along.

Focus — if this isn’t your
business model right now, only follow things that are.

If Kindle IS in your plans, this is the one to get.