I’ve been meaning to do a Kindle Triangulation review for quite a while. It is one of those products I didn’t just read and skim, but absorbed several times as soon as I purchased it. I sent the files to my Kindle to read in the bathtub. I poured over them as I caught a few spare minutes on the computer, etc.

Along with Jonny Andrews’ course, Kindle Triangulation is where my love for Kindle really started to take off. Kindle became more than just something fun to do and more of something that could expand into an awesome income. Kindle Triangulation has a different approach than other courses on the market, which is part of its charm.

This is a product by James Jones. James has an interesting background, because he was one of the original marketers who advised people to use private label rights content on Kindle. That is definitely not a good plan! However, it’s only fair to say that PLR did work on Kindle, for some time. It doesn’t anymore … at all. It’s also not what is best for the customer.

These days, James and just about everyone else who is serious about Kindle shuns the use of private label rights on Kindle, with good reason.

That brings us to this new method. James talks about using a “triangle” method to sell more e-books.

(To give you some perspective, one of his students earned $50,000 last year selling e-books.)

One of the first golden nuggets you’ll take away from this is his method of finding a good market to target. It’s not about using Google for your research, it’s about using Amazon — they’ve basically done all the research for you! James offers solid figures you can look for to know whether to go after a particular topic or not.

James also talks about methods of content creation. Some of these methods are take it or leave it, but you’ll definitely get some good ideas here.

One of the most important sections is getting your books ranked on Amazon. You want them to show up when people search for your topic. This is a crucial piece that so many people miss!

Part of this has to do with how you title your books. Another part has to do with how you use keywords. As a hint, he talks about¬† the author’s detail section, descriptions, keyword tagging, and more.

James also reveals some important research that offers insight into the buying habits of Amazon buyers. Things like how many people buy when there are no reviews, whether nonfiction or fiction is best to target, how people search before they buy, and more.

I definitely recommend Kindle triangulation and think it is essential for anyone who is interested in Kindle publishing. There’s a 100% money back guarantee, but I doubt you’ll need to use it.¬† James Jones is very serious about his business, and even offers his office number and support staff during set hours to take care of anything you need.

While Kindle triangulation is pricier than certain other options on the market, it is well worth it. If you put its contents into practice, you will more than make up the difference.

See more about what Kindle Triangulation has to offer, here.

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