Hi guys,

I wanted to write a post detailing my experience with Info Product Killer. A Few of you have e-mailed me about my article marketing results, but I had to put that on hold. One reason was because I have been working on my IPK results, and another is because I’ve been ghostwriting a lot more than normal for the last month or so!

In fact, I was only really able to put in about 1 week of real effort to my IPK sites — which is why I think the results have been amazing.

I’ve earned around $2800 with IPK since the beginning of November! It was that first week of November that I put in most of the effort, and now have around 13 IPK sites. Now, I have spent around $500 on Adwords costs, with about $130 of that being on a keyword I accidently let “run away” when it shouldn’t have. That’s some great return on investment!

I attribute my success with this method to the amazing SEO strategies, it being so near Christmas, and to the great call to action the program has you implement.

The fact that I was able to earn so much with so little effort and so few “mini” sites means that this will be a HUGE part of my business plan for ’09. In fact, I plan on building a new mini site every other day, and focusing on my “mother” sites as well in several different physical product niches.

If you’re looking for a great business model to follow that you literally cannot go wrong with…this is it!

UPDATE 1/1/09: My totals for the holiday season were over $3100, less with around $700 PPC. I’m very happy with these results, and am currently observing new trends to cash in on with IPK now that the Christmas rush is over 🙂 I LOVE this product and it is STILL my main business plan for this new year.

Grab Info Product Killer today! Let me know what you think of it in the comments section.

Note: For a Limited Time you can get it for $79 using the code WSO777 . Hurry! You won’t regret it, it’s the best IM purchase I’ve made for quite some time. It contains video and several PDF’s to get you started.