If you’ve been online for any length of time at all you’ve probably noticed that there are a ton of distractions. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and like you have to run around like a chicken with your head cut off! The important thing, however is that you learn to focus so you can start to bring in the income.

If you’re running after one golden egg after another, you’re never going to catch any of them. You need to choose a solid business plan and stick with it. That is how the most successful people get to where they are today.

When I first started out online, I had huge focus problems. I was ghostwriting so much that I didn’t have any time at all to focus on my own things. At least…that’s what I told myself! The truth was that I was always in learning mode, and never actually implemented the things I learned.

So, when did my income start to increase? The minute I started focusing. It’s really amazing what that does for you.

I’m starting to get pretty big into personal development, and focus is one of the things I’m working on. Yes, it’s tough to focus online, but it’s essential.

I’m going to start a series on how to focus. It’s especially hard because you’re a momma…and your little ones are running here, there and everywhere. But you CAN do it. You CAN choose a business model, stick with it, get your work done, and have enought time left over to spend with your kids.

For those of you who aren’t sure yet what your business model should be, don’t worry! I’m going to share a great one with you tomorrow that I’ve profited very well from. I don’t know how anyone couldn’t put it to good use and not make money 🙂

Until then, think about the changes you can make in your life to become better at focusing. Look for the business model I’m talking about, as well as the upcoming series on bringing focus into your life.