I’ve had some people from my ghostwriting course ask about Earn 1K a Day since I praise it everywhere I go. The reason I praise it is simple — without it, I don’t know that I’d be making a full time income online while staying home with my toddler. The support I found there (as well as the clients I made through connections!) were absolutely incredible.

Dennis Becker is the owner, and his goal for everyone who joins is that they make $1000 per day. Unlike other sites that hype making this kind of income (but you never see success stories), I’ve seen MANY members announce their first 1K days in the success stories section. I haven’t quite made 1K in a day, but I’ve come close a few times — and I owe part of this success to Dennis and the members of this site.

It’s hard to explain what this site means to me, and it’s hard for me to explain it to others. It’s mainly a forum where members share ideas with one another and answer each other’s questions. There are members with a wide range of experience. From the newest of the new (like I was when I joined) to the people who ARE making 1K a day on a regular basis (and more).

Some of these people were my first writing clients, some of these people helped show me that I could buy my first home…and ALL of these members have supported me in my journey.

I can’t praise Earn 1K a Day enough. No matter what your main online business model is, you need to join this site! The rewards you receive will help you grow your business to levels you’ve never thought possible. I can’t recommend it enough. Seriously…join now 🙂