There are no two ways about it– people love to get things for free! People are often on the web in search of inspiration and information. They want information that will solve some sort of problem for them– and ease their pain in some way. Other times, people are in search of inspiration because they are passionate about a topic.

As a marketer, you can earn more money if you target topics where people are passionate about something or desperate about something. You might do that right now in the form of blog posts and articles. But, it’s important to think of the perceived value of your content as well.

Do people really pay attention to your blog posts and articles? Hopefully they do– as long as you’re consistently providing solid information.

It’s also important to understand perceived value. Do you think people value the download of a FREE PDF more or less than they value a blog post on the web? How about if that PDF is bundled to contain more information– and information that goes deeper than the information in a simple blog post?

Let’s go even further– what if they could download a PDF that they’d otherwise have to pay for? Something that’s so valuable that they would otherwise buy it? Well, if they can get that for free now… then that’s a HUGE added value.

You’ve no doubt downloaded free PDFs yourself. You download them and read them. You’ve probably joined other marketers’ lists in order to access that PDF… you didn’t mind, of course, because you were getting something valuable to you in return.

Also consider that these days, people are very wary of being sold to. They don’t want ‘in your face’ marketing– it’s a huge turn off. They want something of value presented to them. Then, if there’s a way to enhance the information or inspiration they just got for free, they’ll be a lot more likely to upgrade to that paid thing… because they’ve already been touched with the value of it.

This ‘value first’ sort of marketing is important to consider whether you’re a product creator who is trying to sell more of your info-products, or if you’re an affiliate marketer trying to make more sales of your affiliate products.

People often won’t buy through you or pay any attention to you at all if that value isn’t clearly there. And they might not buy from you if you don’t stand out from other marketers.

There are a LOT of marketers out there who are trying to separate people from their money. You’re a marketer, so you’re one of them. How can you stand out in this crowded field? It’s not like the people you’re marketing too WON’T spend money. They just don’t want to feel sold to. They want to feel that passion and excitement when they’re about to buy something.

If they’ve gotten something really valuable for free, then they’ll be more likely to feel excited about something they’re buying- the act of buying won’t be a hurdle at all. They are just thinking about the value and acting on emotion.

And if you have a relationship with the people you’re marketing to, that’s all the better! That relationship– that trust– comes after you’ve delivered something of value. That’s something you can win, by giving free products away… by creating free PDFs (consider these to be mini products) away for free!

It’s not difficult to create a free PDF, either. Think of the thing you want to try to sell or promote. Think of something of value you could write and give away that would help people out, related to that topic, whether they end up buying or not.

The information you give away might be longer, free way to do things… while the thing you’re promoting is a faster, automated way of doing things. People can stick with the free way– but you’re going to inspire them to use the automated way, or to upgrade for more information, or whatever it is.

Hopefully, you get how that works. It will make you feel good that you’re helping people for free… but you’ll end up making a lot more money as a result.

Spread this free information wherever you can!

You can write this free information using whatever you already have access to– that might be Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or whatever it is.

Then, simply save it as a PDF. You can use something like to create a free book cover (or you can purchase one of their inexpensive images- it’s $1 each).

You can use other images throughout your book to make it more exciting.

Your “book” is the content you’ve written and are saving as a PDF ๐Ÿ™‚

Once your book is ready, you can distribute it. You can give it away for free on a squeeze page of yours.

You can upload it to file sharing sites, like Scribd or Issuu.

Distribute it as widely as you can. You’ll grow your list (if you put a call to action in the PDF that leads to a squeeze page- and/or if you put the PDF behind a squeeze page itself).

You’ll make sales of the product you talk up– and “sell” — after you’re done sharing information about the free method, or using the free information.

You’ll grow relationships and make more money because your links and buy buttons are now in more places.

You can even give your free PDF to affiliates of your products– allowing them to brand it with their own links so they can distribute the PDF and make sales at the same time. This is hands-off traffic for you! And you get the benefit of their hard work and sales.

Do this for everything you promote. Give lots of great information and spread it all over the web in the form of PDFs. Get your sales links out there at the end of your PDFs… giving people the option to grab that premium info.

I mentioned above how simple it is to write and create your own PDFs. There’s a way you can automate this process! There’s a way you can actually repurpose the content you’ve already written… to create instant PDFs.

Have you written blog posts on your topic before? This tool can help you bundle up those posts into an instant ebook that has tons of value– and includes your sales links.

You can save a lot of time with instant-PDF creating tools.

One that I’ve recently found is called Designrr. I’m using it to bundle up product reviews ย and blog posts I’ve already written. It’s saving a TON of time… and will allow me to spread informative content and reviews around the web… along with my promotional links.

Designrr is saving a ton of time and will help me earn more and build my list.

If you want to instantly create great PDFs (and also have a lot of flexibility in the way your PDFs look)… I recommend Designrr.

Unlike other tools, Designrr allows you to important text, images, and links from just about ANY webpage. Other tools can only pull from 1 blog… so that leaves you kind of stuck.

You can use Designrr’s automated templates… or really take control over how your ebook looks so it’s as professional and high-converting as possible.

Instantly turn posts and articles into PDFs that you can distribute and earn from and build your list from.

You can check out a tutorial of how that works, on this page:


I’m using Designrr for my marketing– and it’s available for a one-time payment that’s VERY reasonable. I’d actually expect it to cost three times as much, so I was really happy with the low price. It might not stay this low for long, though, so I definitely recommend you grab it now!

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Designrr can change the way you market online– you’ll spread so much more value and can earn so much more money as an affiliate and/or product creator.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! It’s going to save SO much time!

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