Cookbooks Empire by Alessandro ZamboniHey there,

It’s Friday! I hope you have a great day. Today, my son turned in his packet of money he raised for heart disease. He was SO proud. It’s really cool seeing him learn that he has power to help others.

Yesterday, a new product by Alessandro Zamboni ZOOMED up the WarriorPlus charts.

It’s easy to see why… for one thing, everything Alessandro comes out with is great. For another thing, there’s really nothing else out there like this for Kindle authors.

You might be aware that creating and selling cookbooks for Kindle is a HUGE business. Cookbooks– the right sorts of cookbooks — zoom up the charts and can help you earn big bucks.

I’ve known this for years… the problem is that I didn’t know the first thing about creating a cookbook. And I didn’t know which cookbook sub-genres to go after for the best results.

That’s why this is so exciting– Alessandro knows his stuff. Not only is he an expert on what sells on Kindle, he’s an expert in cooking and cookbooks.

He’s put everything you need to succeed with selling cookbooks for Kindle in one incredible product called Cookbooks Empire. This is a guide that shows you how to create excellent, profitable cookbooks starting from zero.

He and his partner Lucrezia also reveal 10 secret, relatively untapped sub-genres that will turn your book into a success.

Here’s a preview of what’s inside:

  • Why this is the right moment to sell cookbooks.
  • The Top 10 most sold cookbooks on earth.
  • The 2 steps to write a perfect cookbook.
  • 17 stock photo sites with food/recipe photos.
  • 10 golden genres for your cookbooks, each one with a lot of different book ideas, example recipes and fundamental information.
  • 10 additional ideas.
  • The cookbook creation process.
  • The secret ingredients to turn a simple cookbook into one marked ‘Sold Out!’
  • How to create a winning Kindle cover for free.
  • How to publish your book on the Kindle marketplace.
  • Category selection tips and tricks.
  • 4 cookbooks-only advertising methods.
  • And much, much more!

This is a complete gem for all Kindle authors or those who want to be, something you’ll definitely want to tap into for more Kindle profits.

Everyone can write a cookbook with this information, even someone has never tried before or who has never cooked pasta before. It’s so simple!

Check it out now, because the dimesale will be starting very soon!


Enjoy it! Let me know when your cookbook is live!


That Girl the Writer

P.S. Learn more about profiting from cookbooks, here.