clouddefenderHey there,
I hope you had a great holiday weekend!
Please let me know if there’s anything I can help you with.
Today, I wanted to write about something important– it has to do with both the security of your websites AND earning more from your sites.
I’m going to focus on the money part for now… but the security part comes as a result (see what I mean, here)

The search engines have a LOT of factors that determine your ranking.

One that’s always been top of the list is site speed.

Fast loading sites get more long term visits, lower bounce rates, and the online holy grail: improved ranking in the engines.

Which means a quick and LONG TERM increase in targeted traffic.

Matt Garrett has something that will help you with ALL of this… PLUS secure your site/s.

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Pretty cool, right?

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You work hard for your online business.

Isn’t it time your website worked just as hard to put profits in your pocket?

Check it out to see what Matt’s talking about:
That Girl the Writer (who has definitely been lax in this area– Matt’s stuff is a huge wake up call!)
P.S. check out the second upgrade to make sure YOUR profits stay protected by completely securing your site from potential attack – either way, you’ll get some hints on this page and come out on top