Part of my goal for this new-ish blog is to implement case studies for you all to follow. That way we can both see what works and what doesn’t work 🙂 One aspect of my business I’ve wanted to ramp up for a while is article marketing. I am already an article marketer, but I really want to take things to the next level here to bring in even more passive income.

For this case study I’m going to:

  1. Choose 5 separate Clickbank products
  2. Write 10 articles for each of them and submit to
  3. Have a “review” landing page (gaining access to the products so I can give an accurate review)
  4. See what sales come in and tweak things from there!

I should say that I’ve purchased the premium membership at EzineArticles. I’m already a platinum member, but I sprung for the premium to make sure I have total control over when my articles are accepted as well as being able to see the statistics from Google of where my articles are ranking.

Progress So Far:

I already have a site that has been making a sale here and there. It had a review on it already, but I’ve changed the theme of the site to try and increase conversions. I have written four articles for the site (two released today, and two scheduled for tomorrow).

Not much action yet, but I will report back 🙂

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