2015 Update:

Kelly and Mike continue to improve Bring The Fresh! It still gets my recommendation. It’s totally different from anything else on the market, and I can’t believe it’s been out for 5 years now.

Read my original review and pick up your copy, below:

I’ve been in IM since 2007, and have gone through, bought, and used a lot of products. Earn 1K a Day and Info Product Killer have been my favorites, hands-down.

Well, Bring the Fresh has managed to blow me away. It’s my latest obsession, and it’s going to make me a whole lot of money.

Most of you are probably familiar with “The Rich Jerk” and Kelly Felix. I never bought that product…but I know it made a lot of waves right before I began marketing. Apparently he made some choices back then that he is no longer proud of (you can see http://kellyfelix.com for more on that…)

Fast forward to today…he and his best buddy, Mike Long, have set up “Bring the Fresh.” It contains a ton of “look over my shoulder” type videos.

The core videos give you a solid business plan for building niche websites — in the vein of IPK and Google Sniper, but better (with longer lasting results), and easier in my opinion. Kelly and Mike share everything about their sites, and it’s really neat to see and easy to follow — for newbies and experienced folks alike. My sites are already seeing good results.

In fact, I took one site that I’ve been struggling to get a #1 ranking since November, “FRESHened” it up using their methods last week and — ta-da — it is now #1 with 1,088 phrase match searches per day, 3,180,000 competing pages, and 129,000 competing pages that mention the keyword phrase in their title. That’s pretty awesome considering how easy it was to do using their SEO techniques! I’ve even been able to reach #3 on Google for a new, high-competition, product that just launched!

Beyond their amazing niche website building stuff, they go behind the scenes of “The Rich Jerk” plus several other multi-million dollar products and launches they were a part of. They spill a lot of stuff about what went on back then — including the Playboy party, working with “Mystery” the pick up artist, etc.

They talk about scummy marketing tactics gurus still pull, stuff they themselves have pulled, etc. WOW!

There is mindset stuff, a Yahoo Group (soon to be a forum) where everyone can interact, and a TON of content that will take me months to go through even though I dedicate a bit of time each day to do so.

I highly, highly, highly recommend this product no matter where you are in your IM career. It’s been a changing point for me, that’s for sure.

If you’re lost in the wilderness and need a solid plan to follow, throw the other junk out and do this. If you’re curious about what goes on behind the scenes and want to be entertained and enlightened, this is a great product for that.

This is one of those products where there is so much value that the sales letter simply can’t do it justice.

Bring the Fresh receives my highest recommendation

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Email me for more details after purchase at: freelancejenn (at) gmail (dot) com

PS. They even give you their cell phone numbers and you can call them for help any time — I don’t have many other multi-millionaires on speed dial!