After you’ve found a great Web Host you need to decide which package you want to get.  Thankfully, they are all relatively cheap these days, and with good service too 🙂  If you’re just starting out online, you should do find with a basic package.  If you find a host you enjoy and your needs grow, it’s very easy to shoot off a support ticket and have them upgrade your hosting for you.

The important thing is that you make sure you will have a little room to grow with the package you choose at first.  For instance, right now you might be thinking of creating just one website.  After you get your feet wet you might want to create dozens of them.

It’s for that reason that you want to get hosting that offers you unlimited (or many) domains.  This makes life easy for you.  Another requirement you should have for choosing a good web host is that they offer cPanel.  cPanel is the easiest way to manage your sites.  If you’re new to working online I’d say this is an absolute must.  Bluehost offers a well organized cPanel.

It might all seem daunting now, and there is a learning curve to having your own websites, but it’s definitely worth it when you see those checks start to roll in!