Blog Bucks BLueprintHey there,

I hope your day’s awesome.

Today, I started volunteering with Hospice. I’m going to help some of the guests tell their life stories. I’m so honored and excited!

I want to also thank you for the care a lot of you have shown with my health stuff– I’m so hopeful that I can completely get rid of my migraines… but they are at least SO much better under the care of my neuro. Sometimes I’ve feeling positive about it and sometimes it really gets me down. There’s been a few time that I thought I’d found ‘the answer’… only to have a setback.

I’m so lucky in so many ways, though!!! 🙂
Back to business…

One of the main ways I’ve grown my list over the years is through my blog. It was great– I’d write helpful posts, create squeeze pages, and put opt-in forms on my posts.

Unfortunately, I stopped being consistent with blogging over the years.

I think it’s so, so important though– for all of us.

Writers, authors, service providers, affiliates, offline marketers… all of us.

I’d recently started putting a little effort into getting more out of my blog… so I was excited to come across Anthony Aires’ new guide… that focuses on how blogging works best today.

Your blog should be the hub of your business. If you don’t already have a blog, I definitely recommend you start one.

If you’re like me and you have a blog but you’ve let the weeds grow all around it, that’s important to pay attention to as well.

In the subject of this email to you, I mentioned that “it’s not sexy… but it’s how he was able to get to 7 figures.”

It’s the blog… so simple, yet so tough, right?

I guess it doesn’t have to be.

You can build a great blog to get more affiliate sales, product sales, and respect and authority in your market.

You can even build blogs for others as a service to help achieve the same thing for them.

The thing is, it’s important to do it right for 2016 and 2017.

Optimize your blog and the traffic to your blog… and your blog will work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Every single post you have is an open door leading to your content and helping you make sales.

Anthony has optimized the blogging process… and he says that blogging no longer has to be hard work.

Because today you can get your hands on Anthony Aires’ 31 Day Blog Bucks Blueprint that is responsible for fueling his 7 figure empire.


Now it’s time for you to start building (or re-building) your blog when you click here!

You’ll be shocked at the special deal he’s making available to you right now as an earlybird. It’s crazy low.

And this is a paint by the numbers, step by step, day by day system for building your traffic highway.

Jump on this it’s a no brainer, at a no brainer price, PLUS it’s fundamental core strategy for growing and building your internet business.

Let’s get our blogs earning for us, okay?

I’m excited!

That Girl the Writer (who vows to pay more attention to my blog so it EARNS for me and helps my audience)

P.S. Jumping on this now is smart because he’s raising the price as soon as he comes to his senses 😉

P.P.S. According to a Hubspot Survey – “Businesses that have a blog acquire 60% more customers than businesses that do not!”


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