Hey there,

I hope your Sunday was miraculous 🙂

Today, we ate dinner and spent a good part of the day with my in-laws, who are wonderful and I’m so lucky to have them so close by. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling great for the other parts of the day- but that’s okay! It will get better.

Yesterday (and throughout this week, actually), I told you some business ideas I had with Hookum and Max Daily Profits.

Today, I thought I’d share more of the brainstormed ideas I have with you 🙂

Again, here’s what Hookum and Max Daily Profits are all about (or as much as I can share without giving it all away)

Hookum: This is a way to build your list and earn money. The idea is that you create something of massive value in this certain way, and then “slide in” an offer or promotion in a way that isn’t annoying or sales-y… but will make you sales. People will learn from what you’ve given them for free, but you’ll also make money. The Hook PDF is a certain way of crafting your free offer that really works- reading how they do this put a smile on my face. Hookum comes with examples of this, traffic strategies, etc. It’s a new spin on the “use a freebie to build your list” idea. I know a ton of you have Hookum already, which is a great thing! It’s probably the product I’ve recommended that’s took off the most so far this year and even last year.

>>>> http://readypremiumcontent.com/go/hookum/

Max Daily Profits: This is ALSO focused on giving something away for free. But it’s focused on a very specific method of giving something away for free in a way that earns you passive income month after month– even if you’re asleep or even if you’re not able to work your business for an entire month. It includes a lot of PDF’s and case studies that shows you which promotions to choose, how to drive traffic, etc.

>>>> http://readypremiumcontent.com/go/max-daily-profits/

So, each of these products is super-cheap… which is what I like because it allows anyone to grab and profit from these ideas.

One thing that’s important to realize no matter whenever you invest in a new method is that you can often use the idea in more than one way. Use every asset you have in more than one way 🙂

Okay– so if you want yesterday’s business ideas based on these two inexpensive products, do a search for my email- or write me back if you want me to send them again.

Today, it’s about new ideas. I LOVE brainstorming in this way. Because products are no good if you can’t put them to use and profit from them. That’s what it’s all about!

I’m breaking these new ideas down by business/web marketing focus:

List Building

  • Use Hookum squeeze pages and Hook PDF to set up funnels that I drive free traffic to– traffic from article marketing, Web 2.0 posts, blog posts, etc. These should work day and night to build my list and make me sales
    Create the sort of offer talked about in Max Daily Profits– so affiliates will be more enticed to promote for me– netting me more traffic and more people on my list (because each new customer will be added to my list)
    Combine Hook PDFs with the offers talked about in Max Daily Profits
    Drive inexpensive paid traffic (forum ads, blog ads, Facebook ads?) to Max Daily Profit funnels- some leading to offers like in the Max Daily Profits method
    Create PDFs using the Hookum method that affiliates can put their affiliate link into- so they drive traffic for me and make sales of my product/s
    Use the Native ads technique to spread my promotions of the ‘free’ offers in Max Daily profits- which ads value to the web but also makes me sales that pay me month after month

Email Marketing

  • Create Hook PDFs that I send to my list- enticing freebies that also link to free Max Daily Profits style offers
    Use the Native Ads technique covered in Hookum… but right in the body of emails
    Promote more Max Daily Profit style offers– instead of typical affiliate products– so it pays off month after month
    Create my own products that give amazing value for free, but that also lead to monthly income- and promote to my email list
    Build better relationships with those on my list by giving away great content- as described in both Max Daily Profits and Hookum

Affiliate Marketing

  • Create Hook style PDFs and spread them all over the web (as described in Hookum and Max Daily Profits)
    Use the Native Ad style and Max Daily Profit style offers right on my blog posts– so I’m giving value but also getting paid
    Look specifically for Max Daily Profit style ‘free’ offers to promote via paid ads and free traffic methods- leading to a fantastic and hands-off monthly income
    Use the Hookum style PDF to make more affiliate sales (including of offers like in Max Daily Profits) – that I promote to my email list
    Get a bigger list via the Hookum method- making it easier to promote products as an affiliate- via the Max Daily Profits Method

Product Creation

  • Create my own ‘free’ offers that earn me great monthly income- because affiliates promote for me
    Teach affiliates how to promote a Max Daily Profits style offer
    Give affiliates my Hook style PDFs so they can promote my offers
    Use the Max Daily Profits model to make consistent, monthly sales of my own products
    Use the traffic methods in Max Daily Profits to earn more from everything I create
    Use the traffic methods in Hookum to earn more from everything I create


  • Create Hook style PDFs to promote freelance work
    Offer freelancing packages that are in the Max Daily Profits ‘free then paid’ style offer
    Build my freelancing list using the methods in Hookum
    Get affiliates to promote using Hook style PDFs
    Offer to create funnels in the Max Daily Profits Style
    Offer to start list building for clients in the Hookum style

Offline Marketing

  • Build lists for clients using the Hookum method
    Get clients to create Max Daily Profits style offers
    Promote Max Daily Profit style offers as an affiliate for offline businesses
    Build a list as an offline marketing expert- using the Hookum method, the traffic methods in Hookum and Max Daily Profits, and create offers in the Max Daily Profits style


  • Use the Hookum listbuilding/Hook PDF strategy to build your author list on Kindle for fiction and nonfiction
    Use Hook style PDFs in book promotions
    Consider creating a monthly club in the Max Daily Profits style where people can get access to my books

Niche Marketing

  • Find offers that are profitable month after month in a hands off way– like in Max Daily Profits
    Build a niche list using the Hookum/Max Daily Profits strategy
    Drive traffic as described in both products
    Create my own products based on Max Daily Profits inspiration and techniques
    Get affiliates to promote niche products from PDFs with native ads that they can brand

Those ideas should be good for a start! Definitely grab Max Daily Profits and Hookum (you can get both for around what a good pizza costs! Very inexpensive).

Grab the ideas that stand out to you, and implement them!

Great One or Both and Get BONUSES

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    Just write me back and tell me which product (or products!) you grabbed through my link and I’ll send your bonuses!

This is a GREAT deal– especially since you can get my own products, free– and with the Max Daily Profits bonus, you even get to choose the product you want for free.


I definitely recommend you grab one or both before the price rises. They are super affordable and awesome!

Follow what the products tell you to do so you learn the process. And use the ideas I’ve just given you so you can profit more.

Max Daily Profits and Hookum can be adapted for ANY business model- see? Brainstorm, see how they work in your business, and profit more.

Grab Max Daily Profits at this link: http://readypremiumcontent.com/go/max-daily-profits/

Grab Hookum at this link: http://readypremiumcontent.com/go/hookum/

Enjoy the rest of your day! Onward to a fresh week and here’s to profiting more! 🙂

That Girl the Writer

P.S. Stay focused on what you’re working on, but don’t hesitate to grab new ideas that inspire and motivate you. For me, that’s been Max Daily Profits and Hookum. Turning new, profitable ideas into your reality is the name of the game!

>>>> Hookum: http://readypremiumcontent.com/go/hookum/

>>>> Max Daily Profits: http://readypremiumcontent.com/go/max-daily-profits/