If you’ve never heard of Stompernet, then you might not have been in the Internet Marketing game very long. They are most known for having an $800 a month membership site. They are also known for giving great free content and good results. That’s why my attention was peaked when I heard about Stomping the Search Engines 2 and the Net Effect Print Journal.

Now, they actually released Stomping the Search Engines years ago (before I was in IM) and sold it for a hefty price. They are also selling this new one for $500. That’s out of my price range for sure!

Then, I got a mailing for an offer where they give it to you for free.  Uh huh…what’s the catch?

They were actually very upfront that the catch was you are auto-enrolled into a subscription for the New Effect Journal. This is a print magazine that shares their latest findings in getting great search engine rankings and amazing SEO tactics. The good news for those who are worried (like I was) is that you can cancel at any time.

So, I joined in on the offer! Be warned, there are a few upsells. I actually got two of the upsells (the best one is at the end!) but you don’t have to. I haven’t received the materials yet, but I can’t wait to see what kind of amazing things I’m going to learn.

I mean, Stomper hasn’t released anything in my price range in YEARS. Who am I to turn down a $500 product and free edition of their magazine for a measly $10 shipping charge?

You can read a great review of the journal here: Net Effect Stompernet Journal

Stomping the Search Engines II and the Net Effect Journal are something I’m excited to try to get my sites higher in the rankings. In turn I hope to make lots of money off of my sites! I can’t wait to get my package. When I do, you’ll get a full review.  I don’t get commission from this (a friend does 🙂 ), but I wanted to alert you since I hear they aren’t going to leave the offer up forever. (that’s not hype, I think they are testing). And you can’t beat free.

Check it out here