Just a short update for now. The latest Lensrank has shown some impressive improvement on the lenses that now have likes and comments. The one (out of 5) with none of those things is in the 200,000’s. The one with 1 like and no comments is in the 150,000’s. One with 4 likes and 1 comment is in the 130,000’s. The one with 2 likes and 1 comment is in the 110,000’s. The one with 4 likes, 3 comments, and an Angel Blessing is in the 80,000’s. Those numbers will ideally get lower and lower as time goes on and likes, comments, and traffic improve.

I’m starting to understand what contributes to the Lensrank and it’s actually pretty fun. I’ve heard that a big part of it has to do with traffic — and I don’t have much traffic on any of the lenses so far. I’ll be very interested to see how that improves once they are more than a few days old.

Today, I’ll be making at least 2 new lenses and I’ll be implementing the next phase of One Week Marketing that should really ramp things up.

Join in the challenge – 100 lenses by March 1st. I’m a little addicted, so I think I’ll surpass my goal 😉

If you’re going to join in, I highly recommend you check out One Week Marketing.

I’ve also discovered a very motivational blog Skeffling’s Make Money Online — that family earned $18K last month – with Squidoo earnings making up a large chunk of that. Seeing their growth in earnings over the last year is very motivating.