So sorry I’m behind on the updates 🙂

First — what everyone wants to know — my lenses are making sales! It’s been since late January and it’s now mid-February. It was about 2 weeks to the first sale from these lenses (though that ‘first sale’ lens had only been up for a week or so). 4 lenses out of around 30 have made sales — for a total of 10 sales as of Febrary 15.

This shows me that this works — and it’s picking up steam.

If you are someone who has never made a sale online, stop what you’re doing and hop on board the Squidoo train.

I expect many more sales as I reach 100 lenses and the lenses settle in the search engines. New goal? I want 500 lenses spread across a few accounts — I’ll start to outsource to get this done within a few months. I want quality, helpful lenses, but I’m definitely using the “spaghetti” approach to go back and add to lenses as time goes on and I see which are emerging as winners.

My goal is to have 100 lenses up (at least) by March 1. Go here if you’d like to join me in that challenge.

Join the Facebook Group:

I’ve set up a Facebook group where we can share tips and information and inspire each other to create 100 lenses by March 1. This can be life changing for you! It’s totally free. Request to join the Facebook group, here

Here are my stats:

Number of Lenses

I have 2 Squidoo accounts (this is allowed)

I have 34 total active lenses.

I need to complete 66 lenses to reach my goal.

Lens Rankings

My best ranked lens is at around 16K (its best was around 12K)

The lenses are getting around 450 visits per week … but a portion of that is inner Squidoo traffic from Google+ groups and internal Squidoo — so that’s not buyer traffic. As the lenses age they will switch to more “real” traffic.

Google Rankings

I’m using the free to keep track of my Google rankings.

I have several lenses on the first page for their keyword.

I have some lenses being super stubborn.


Lots of likes and comments — I won’t update this section much from this point on because I’ve realized it’s easy to get likes and comments as long as you are active in the community.


I’ve continued on with the auto-pilot backlinking. PotPieGirl teaches us how to automate this in the new One Week Marketing – I have added a few easy steps as well.


10 sales from Amazon from these lenses (not Squidoo Amazon — my own Amazon account)

My Thoughts

Picking up steam! We’re raring to go now 😉

Resources Used:

One Week Marketing –  It’s not required, but I really do think you should grab this one if you’re following in the challenge. It’s a very thorough course and I know it works. I’m already getting amazing rankings and things are really taking off with this strategy.

Jaaxy – This saves a ton of time with keyword research — plus it’s not at all expensive (it’s a monthly fee). They give you 30 free searches, so you may as well check it out with no obligation. – Keep track of Google rankings – they send them to your email daily. This is free — they also keep track of your rankings over time!

Squidcrafter — this saves me oodles of time and I use it every single day to create awesome Amazon affiliate links on my lenses — this is a MUST for anyone serious about their Squidoo marketing.

Squid Pro Quo — I use this product in conjunction with One Week Marketing. This product is awesome for choosing buyer keywords you know you can rank for and make sales with. There is a certain “style” to these — this is another awesome shortcut to making fast sales with Squidoo. Love it.