I’m starting to see some movement in the right direction! It’s been…maybe 10 days since I started? I haven’t done a great job of keeping track πŸ™‚

I do know where I’m headed, though! My goal is to have 100 lenses up (at least) by March 1. Go here if you’d like to join me in that challenge. I plan to set up a Facebook group once we get a few go-getters into this challenge πŸ™‚

Here are the stats:

Number of Lenses

I have 12 total active lenses.

I have 88 lenses to complete to reach my goal.

Lens Rankings

My best ranked lens is around 34K

I have 6 lenses with ranks better than 100K.

I’d like to get them all lower than 20K πŸ™‚

Google Rankings

I’m using the free http://rankcheckerace.com/ to keep track of my Google rankings.

I have 5 lenses ranking ‘at all’ on Google.

I have 2 lenses on the first page for their keyword.

I have 2 lenses on the second page for their keyword.

I have 1 lens ranking in the boonies for its keyword.


Is that a word? I have had around 150 visitors to these lenses so far this week.Β Most not from this blog.

I have had many likes and comments lately — many for new lenses, I think. Part of that is joining Google+ Squidoo groups but most of it is being part of the Squidoo community and visiting others’ lenses – commenting and liking, that sort of thing.


I’m not doing a ton of backlinking — not at all. I have hooked up my Twitter, Pinterest, and RebelMouse to get some solid auto-juice going. PotPieGirl teaches us how to automate this in the new One Week Marketing – though I’ve added my own twist.


No earnings to report yet! Though my Squidoo stats show my Amazon links are being clicked on. Amazon itself has not updated earnings today (grrrrr) and they have a note on the associates dashboard that they are not sure when that will happen. Something is going on with their system.

My Thoughts

I am 1 million percent sure I’ll earn money very soon from this strategy. There is no way not to. I’m choosing very low competition keywords, many based on specific products. I am getting clicks through sales links. I’m putting up a ton of lenses. It will happen – period.

Whether it adds up to the passive income I’d like from this project is TBD πŸ˜‰

Keep in mind that the main goal is to use these lenses as a testing ground for bigger and better things — building out sites on my own hosting and domains around these topics or products.

Resources Used:

One Week Marketing – this is a fantastic course! I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s the main driver behind this challenge

Jaaxy – saving me hours upon hours doing keyword research — they give you 30 free searches so you there is nothing to lose by checking it out

http://rankcheckerace.com/ – Keep track of Google rankings – they send them to your email daily