No huge news today — I’ve had about 30 total visitors to my lenses. There are six featured (green) lenses on the account now. I’m bummed because an old 2008 inactive lens I spruced up remains red (not featured). I thought it’d get to green – oh well. I’ll add more to it and let it rest to catch on in the search engines.

My best lens is ranking on the first page of Google at #10 – yay! Hopefully its ranks will improve in Google and Squidoo to get more traffic and sales.

Comments are starting to come in as a result of my activity on the site (visiting others’ lenses, leaving comments, getting to know people).

“Likes” on the six lenses range from 0-9. One lens has 9 likes and one lens has 0 likes, with the others falling somewhere in between. I think it’s easier to get more likes when there are already some there, so I expect that to improve.

My best ranked lens has a Squidrank of around 65K … my worst ranked featured lens has a rank of 223K. These are all still so new — most under a week, that I can’t help but be pleased with the progress so far. I definitely expect sales to start coming in within the next week or so.

To this point, I’ve been focusing on product names for my lenses. Next I’ll switch to broader keywords that have low competition and reasonable search volume (over 100 per month at least exact match…but I don’t care to have huge numbers because I won’t be doing hardly any backlinking — going for low hanging fruit here).

I’ve been using Jaaxy for all my keyword research. It is phenomenal. I’ll do a more in-depth review of that in a few days. It’s saving me hours of time so I can spend more time building lenses.

I’ll have another update soon – keep checking back!

Resources I’m Using:

Jaaxy –  keyword research

One Week Marketing – method I’m following