Years ago, I dabbled in Squidoo. It was a great component to backlinking campaigns and affiliate marketing in general. I never did take it as far as I wanted to go. Eventually, I pretty much stopped using it altogether.


I’m not sure exactly. It’s always been pretty easy to use and it’s obviously effective for many people. I think part of the problem was that I started to listen to people who said it’s “stupid” to use Squidoo at all because it’s not a site you own.

I am 100% a proponent for building your business using tools you control — such as your own hosting account. But, I’m so tired of wasting money on new domain names for affiliate sites that never pan out. It’s like throwing noodles at the wall to see what sticks…except in this case, you have to pay for all of the noodles!

I think it’s much smarter (and I’m really starting to see the value in this now) to use FREE noodles to see what sticks. Then grab the noodles that are the stickiest, buy domain names for them, and cash in with less work, fewer headaches, and less cash out of pocket.

That analogy became a little whacko, but hopefully you see my point.

So, I’m challenging myself to create 100 Squidoo lenses by March 1st. This is not a willy-nilly challenge — I’m following Jennifer Ledbetter’s One Week Marketing. She doesn’t recommend the 100 lenses, by the way — that is my personal challenge. She does recommend a very specific way to build these lenses to get the most out of them, so I’m really excited to see the results of that.

Are you ready to join in on the challenge?