Sarah Palin

Flickr Photo by triciaward

I’m going to start off this Sarah Palin post by saying that I have yet to decide who I’m voting for for president.  I’m also not a “feminist” in the strict sense of the word – meaning, my reason for voting for the Republican duo wouldn’t be because I desperately need a woman as close to the White House as possible.  Even so, I find Sarah Palin as the mom to be very inspirational.

Here is a woman who demonstrates that it is possible to be incredibly successful, yet she is able to raise her 5 children (one with Down’s Syndrome) at the same time.  While she’s certainly not living the work at home life style like the readers of this blog do or want to do, she is still an inspiration to those of us who wonder what is possible.

So while I’m not going to let the fact that she is a woman swing my vote one way or another, I can applaud because she has done great things.

Are you struggling to get started making money online?  It’s definitely understandable.  As a mom it is tough to know which end is up.  You start your day full of plans only to find that you just can’t seem to get anything done with those kiddos running around.

While no mom is perfect, it always helps me to look to people who are successful managing their time and their families.

I have a feeling that as the presidential election nears I’ll be looking more and more to Sarah Palin to see how she juggles it all. 🙂