I’m a total fool for anything that can help me produce things that look nice. I’ve got the writing part down pat. It’s the formatting and graphics creation part I need (a lot of) help on. When I heard about Product Creator Pro, I became almost giddy with excitement. Could it be that something push-button-simple could actually produce awesome looking Kindle books, covers, newsletters, ebooks, and reports?

The short answer — yes!

The long answer —

I really do adore Product Creator Pro. At the same time, there are some things I’d like to see changed (I’ll get the “bad stuff” out of the way, first). For one thing, there is limited control over formatting pictures. There is also limited control over things like page breaks. The WYSIWYG editor could use some work. I’d also like to see additional templates added (particularly for Kindle covers, fiction style).

With all of that said, literally all of those things are under development and/or are being improved as we speak. When all things are said and done (even without the things I’m “complaining” about), Product Creator Pro really does do what it says on the tin.

In minutes, I can literally create stunning Kindle ebook covers.

In minutes, I can completely format a book for Kindle.

In minutes, I can create a stunning newsletter that blows anything I’d pay a designer for out of the water.

I love Product Creator Pro — the staff is responsive (I had two ticket requests responded to within minutes to hours) and are eager to improve their product. I love that I’ll literally be saving thousands of dollars this year over design costs (not to mention the frustration of having to find a “perfect” designer.

I do recommend Product Creator Pro for Kindle authors, ebook authors, those with a newsletter, and those planning to create anything “digital” this year.

They are currently giving away free accounts, with up to 3 credits in them (this gives you the chance to use the product).

Monthly subscriptions are reasonable, and yearly subscriptions offer a nice cost-savings for those who are ready to go all-in.

Here is a video to check it out:

Product Creator Pro Sneak Peak