5 spots only… Kindle fiction ghostwriting … hurry!

Hey there, Wow! We’re at the mid-week point already 🙂 I can’t believe how September is flying. It’s still really hot in my neck of the woods- as if summer’s still here. We’re fully into fall activities, though- with the kids deciding what they want to do after school this year. So far, karate is… Continue Reading

Shiny Object Lemonade by Lee Murray

Hey there, I’m peeking out from under a pile of work to let you know about something really FUN… and potentially very profitable for you 🙂 We all have dealt with “Shiny Object Syndrome” … right? This is when you can’t seem to stop floating from one project to another or from one business model… Continue Reading

Anthony Aires 31-Day Block Bucks Blueprint

Hey there, I hope your day’s awesome. Today, I started volunteering with Hospice. I’m going to help some of the guests tell their life stories. I’m so honored and excited! I want to also thank you for the care a lot of you have shown with my health stuff– I’m so hopeful that I can… Continue Reading

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