Erica Stone’s Titanium Backlinks– A Review

A short (1:20 minute) review of Titanium Backlinks: Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been hanging around the Warrior Forum very much anymore. It’s not that I don’t think there is valuable stuff there or good people there or anything like that. It’s because I feel like an overwhelming number of scumbagsContinue Reading

Amy Harrop’s Tips On How To Effectively Repurpose PLR Without Rewriting

Amy Harrop is an expert on PLR, writing, and Kindle publishing (among other things!). This is a guest post written by Amy. Please visit her wonderful blog! ~ Jenn ———- PLR (Private Label Rights) can be a great basis for creating and sharing high-quality content. However, if you use PLR without making any changes, yourContinue Reading

Easily Get Kindle Reviews — Software Review (A GOOD, white hat softare…)

Happy Thursday! I hope you are having a fantastic week! I’ve spent most of the last week with my little ones — one with pneumonia and the other with a stomach bug! I’m happy to report that they are feeling much better. How are you? Are you promoting a book on Kindle or thinking aboutContinue Reading

Jenn’s for hire? News on how I’m restructuring (plus a freebie … )

It was over 5 years ago. I was a desperate new mom, fresh from giving birth to my precious little boy. I’d just quit my job. I should have been terrified. I was only 22 years old — we had no savings, no house of our own … not much at all. But I stillContinue Reading

Geoff Shaw’s Kindling Review – Best Kindle Author and Marketing Product

Hey there, Yesterday, I sent a message offering to take a look at your Kindle book or plans with marketing suggestions. You’ve probably heard by now that there is a big shake up in the free Kindle market. Amazon still allows free book promos, of course…but affiliates are not allowed to promote books for freeContinue Reading

Squidoo Challenge Update #7 – One Week Marketing, Squidcrafter, Squid Pro Quo Review

Hey there It’s been about a week since I updated. Sales? My Squidoo lenses have made almost 20 Amazon sales in around 30 days so far. This is decent since the lenses are so very new. Sales will increase as the lenses gain a hold in the search engines and start ranking for additional longContinue Reading

Marketing in Minutes: 4 Steps to Getting More Done in Less Time

Hey there, Happy Friday! You don’t have much time to work each day…sometimes, just a few minutes. You doubt you can do this, you doubt yourself. You doubt your passive projects will pay off. You doubt you can write an ebook. Even if you can, you doubt people will like it. You feel lost. You’veContinue Reading

Changes to the Amazon Associates Agreement – Free Book Promotions

I received an email this morning linking to the changes in the Amazon Associates Agreement. I have never used free book promotions as a business model, but know many who have. I have been envious of that model, actually! It’s super smart. Promote free books every day through your affiliate link and get paid onContinue Reading

Forever Affiliate Review Part 2 – How is it So Far?

I’ve gotten through the “theory” module in Forever Affiliate and am working my way through the phase 1 module. There are a lot of videos! This is good because it means the course is very in depth. I’d have to say that if you’re totally new to Internet Marketing, the theory module might be slightlyContinue Reading

Forever Affiliate by Andrew Hansen Part 1

Earning $300-$3000 from each affiliate site? I’ve been a fan of Andrew Hansen‘s products for years. It started with his Niche Marketing on Crack book that I used and did pretty well with. Then it grew to his Firepow product that allowed me to install sites very quickly. Now he has a new course. IContinue Reading