Firesale on Great Products

Hey there, I can’t believe the US election is over! As you know, I’m working hard to rebuild my business and get back on track after having health setbacks. I have the background, skills, knowledge, and drive, but it’s going to take a bit to get back to where I was. Today, I’m launching a one-day… Continue Reading

Write a Kindle Book in a Day

Hey there! I’m pretty excited about this! My good friend Mike Nielsen is releasing the latest installment of his Book-A-Day line today, and it’s pretty cool! He has found a way to use a tool you probably already have on your Windows PC to turn his knowledge into books. Best of all, he is showing… Continue Reading

Earning With Amazon Kindle

Hey there, Happy Halloween! I’m going as I Love Lucy this year 🙂 If you celebrate, I hope you get to eat lots of candy today. I hope you get to eat lots of candy or do something you really enjoy, either way. I want to ask you something– do you write and publish for… Continue Reading

Free video, leaderboard, Black Friday, and more…

Hey there! Just a quick note today. I can’t believe it’s already been a week. I early voted yesterday- honestly very glad to have that over with!!! I found out I’m on the leaderboard for Barb Ling’s Covert Black Friday Cash. That’s awesome! And that’s thanks to you… If you haven’t checked that out yet,… Continue Reading

Barb Ling: 2016 Covert Black Friday Cash

Hey there, How are you doing? Things are okay in this neck of the woods. Thanks to your support and the support of my friends and family, I’m starting to feel like a whole new woman. Yay! It feels good to feel like a functioning human again. Not a huge-long email today. But I didn’t… Continue Reading

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