Hey there,

What’s your favorite thing you do in your business? I’m curious– write me back and let me know.
Maybe it’s writing, social media, generating ideas– what’s your favorite ‘step?’
I honestly don’t know what mine is! I love writing- but I get stressed out when I have a lot of it on my plate. So much so that it effects me badly.
I REALLY love interacting with people on social media and through this list. I’m an introvert– but I also love PEOPLE and being helpful and making connections (one reason I want to grow my free Facebook group this year– join if you haven’t yet: https://www.facebook.com/groups/onlinemarketingwriting/)
I’ll have to think about my answer more, but that might be it 🙂
One of my buddies asked me to make a quick video talking about my new mini-product- Niche Authority Revolution.
So I did! Check out my new video on Niche Authority and the method of using “free stuff” to boost your business:
You’ll get ideas from watching the video- it’s short- Of course I DO hope you also grab the related product: Niche Authority Revolution
It’s a great, easy, wonderful method and it’s about 5 Bucks right now 🙂
Watch the video, join the group, and let’s build our niche authority together in 2017.
Easy, fun, and great for all levels.
Do you publish Journals or Planners (a la Marlon Sanders‘ method)?
If so, check out Sue Fleckenstein’s PLR to Planner and Journal templates and save yourself a ton of time!
Great business model!
That Girl the Writer
Let me know what your favorite part of business is– I really am curious! Maybe it’s creating journals for CreateSpace! Maybe it’s creating videos! I’m rusty– but creating my video was pretty fun 🙂