Hey there,
You’ve no doubt heard that many well-known marketers
are turning to Squidoo these days to test niches and
take advantage of the fact that Google tends to LOVE

In some private forums, I’ve even heard some of the guys
who had their own high earning sites CRUSHED by Google, would
only do it all again on the Squidoo platform.

Because Squidoo has the power to bounce back whereas a little
old site by you or me might not.

It’s be very, very interesting to get on the inside to see
how many huge earning affiliate marketers are making
Squidoo their home.

You may have been following my own Squidoo goals — to create
100 lenses by March 1.

My lenses started earning very quickly — around 2 weeks in
— and earnings are growing steadily.

If you’ve yet to earn a penny online, this is what I
recommend, 100%.

If you have earned with your own sites in the past but
became frustrated with Google (like me — I got rid of and
sold off most of my affiliate sites when I didn’t want to fight

Google anymore), this is for you.

Squidoo makes it super simple to build and earn for FREE.

Now, I will say that you need a solid strategy to follow
through with.

I recommend a few resources on my blog, but some are a little
more expensive than some would like to use starting out.

I’ve been profiting with one method that is low in cost
(around the price of buying 2 domain names…which you
don’t need since you’ll be using Squidoo!) and it’s
really valuable.

Build lenses with this method, and there is no way you
won’t make sales … seriously.

This product is by Erica Stone who is absolutely fantastic
when it comes to Squidoo.

This method is super-solid at any time of the year.

Grab it today to get started earning with Squidoo

I’m all about saving time. I’m able to create my lenses
quite quickly (between 15-45 minutes these days). Part of the
reason I can do them so quickly is because I also use

This is a Java program that very quickly creates beautiful, high

converting, Amazon affiliate links and graphics for you.

They are updating the software (possibly at a higher price)
to make it ideal for WordPress blogs as well. I’d grab it now

to use it for both when they release that functionality soon.
You can manually insert other programs’ affiliate links as well.

This thing saves me (literally) hours per day.

If you want to become serious about Squidoo, combine Erica’s
with Squidcrafter:

I use it on my Mac with the 2nd to newest Java – they are
making updates to comply with the recent Java update, FYI.

The bottom line?

Squidoo is a big, big part of my 2013 as I rebuild my
passive physical product income to where it was when I was
big into mini niche sites before the horrid Google updates.

Squidoo is a big, big part of many well known marketers’
plans because it just plain works.

I recommend you take a shortcut for earnings with Erica’s
method and Squidcrafter.

If you’re ready for the very best training there is (the
thing I’m basing almost my ENTIRE affiliate marketing
strategy on
, in combination with Erica’s guide) grab
One Week Marketing — it’s 4 Squidoo and affiliate marketing
courses in one
, plus a community, plus constant updates.
It is NOT the old guide you may have gotten years ago, it’s
new as of late 2012.

Hop on board with Squidoo, the easiest way to earn as an
affiliate these days. Head to my blog to “talk Squidoo” –

I’ll help in any way I can.

P.S. Follow along with my Squidoo challenge updates and
join in the challenge, free!

P.P.S. If you’re short on cash and have to choose just one,
get Erica’s guide for an inexpensive head start.

BONUS: If you don’t start earning fast, email me and

I’ll help you until you do!