I was just catching up on the latest episode of Mad Men. Don was busy doing whatever Don does, when he was really supposed to be in a meeting about Margarine. He showed up 40 minutes late and Ted was far from pleased. Both men are what they call “creatives.” Ted noted that he’s been a creative all his life. He understands 5 minutes late…but 40?

If you’re a writer or some other kind of creative, you likely have this problem too. Why are creative people so late? Creative types often have problems meeting deadlines and sticking to a schedule…sometimes waiting for inspiration to strike and sometimes dealing with distractions.

I’m not exactly sure what the solution is. Sometimes I wish I were the type of person to be 5 days early instead of 5 days late. Is it a right brain/left brain problem? I envy those who are always on time and on top of everything, but I wonder if that comes at the cost of creativity.

I guess Don and I are in good company.