I’ve talked about Wealthy Affiliate here on this blog before. It was one of the first membereship sites I came across when I was new to Internet marketing. I joined back then (2007) and learned a lot about affiliate marketing … but ultimately concentrated on services first. Since then, I’ve joined WA off and on over years. I always miss it when I drop it — so I joined again a few months ago.

It always impresses me that they are constantly re-vamping the membership. You get things in there that you don’t get anywhere else for the price — free websites on their domain, a quick, easy way to install WordPress (already optimized), free hosting for your own domains, keyword research software, an active community, several products’ worth of classes, certifications…and the list goes on. Yet, the price of joining has not gone up that much at all since I joined when there was just a forum and a few odds and ends.

I’ve been an affiliate over the years as well. The good thing about their program is that only WA members can be affiliates. That means there’s less “junk” out there when people try to promote them.

So, why am I writing this now? I plan to do a series of evaluations and reviews about the membership to show you why I still love it after 5 years. But today, I was completely blown away by them so I had to write this right away.

They pay their affiliates, like clockwork, on the first of the month…but my affiliate commission did not come through yesterday. I wasn’t that concerned, but did drop them an email. I received a fast response with their apologies. They then sent out an email to all of their affiliates explaining that there was a technical PayPal issue. It wasn’t just a one line email — it was a kind, concerned, apologetic, sweet, professional, and whatever other positive adjectives you can throw in, email… sent on a Saturday.

These guys really care about their customers and their affiliates, and it shows — consistently.

That’s why I highly recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate — whether it’s for your own learning, to network and build your brand, or to become an affiliate.