proof-image-5Rank and earn on Kindle in 60 Seconds?

Hey there,

How’s your week so far? Can you believe it’s the middle of the week already?!

Today, I took a break from work for a bit and took the dog to a local dog park. It was so much fun! I actually didn’t know about this dog park before so it’s the first time we’ve gone.

Our little dog (a little beagle mix) had SO much fun running around and just being a dog 🙂 She’s a rescue, who is so, so sweet… but she doesn’t know how to play with toys and things.

She still wouldn’t run after her ball at the dog park… but she had a lot more fun than she does in our townhouse yard 🙂

Anyway… enough gushing about the doggie… haha!

I wanted to tell you quickly about something that’s really, really intriguing to me. As you might know, I’m somewhat of a Kindle addict.

By that I mean, I’m constantly buying and reviewing all the latest and greatest Kindle how-to and strategy info.

But it’s honestly been a while since I’ve been very excited about anything related to Kindle marketing strategy.

It seems like what works, works.

BUT… I found something today on Kindle marketing that IS intriguing.

And it’s by Rob Howard– who has done a lot with Kindle.

It’s actually about his team’s discovery of a ‘hidden ranking feature’ of Amazon… that they claim NO ONE else is using.

It involves Amazon’s search keywords and apparently can boost ANY Kindle book up in the search for high traffic keywords.


And it’s not like it’s complicated… Rob says it takes around 60 seconds. That’s right… that means 60 seconds to ranking higher and getting better visibility and therefore earning MORE MONEY!

I like it 🙂

It’s easy to use and it works. They show proof and tests on this page:


If you’re a Kindle author or want to be, I recommend you take a look at this. ANY advantage you can get is a great one… and with this one being so easy and effective, you can do quite well.

Not to mention that you’ll do better than the competition since they don’t even know about this 🙂

I plan to review and try this (if I forget to let you know the results, just write and ask me!).

But I had to let you know about it before the price goes up (it’s super low right now).


I hope you see better rankings and profits from this easy, quick trick…


That Girl the Writer (who needs to get back to writing and releasing more on Kindle and use this little-known trick as part of my arsenal)

P.S. I’m not sure when the price will go up for this one… I think it will very soon, though… and the normal price is a LOT higher… grab your copy now, and learn the ‘mystery’ of this incredible ranking and earning technique that takes just 60 seconds to put into play…