This week has been sort of strange. Strange
in the sense that I can finally say, without
hesitation, that I never want to base my
business around the whims of Google, again.


Learn how to promote Kindle books (as an
author or affiliate) using Pinterest!

Make more sales using Pinterest

Sure, I’ll LOVE making it to the first page,
but, like many others I’ve talked to, my
focus will be on good content (I’m also proud
to say that it always has been).

It’s more important than ever these days to
take things into your own hands. It used to
be that all we had was Google…it’s easy
to fall into a sort of pity party about
all of the ranking damage that happened
as a result of “penguin” (algo change), but
we have to look on the bright side — there are
SO many better ways to promote stuff and earn
a living online.

We’re in a period right now where things are
very rapidly changing. I’ve been saying it
for a while now, but social media is truly
where it’s at — I also find and believe that
social media will continue to play a very large
role in Google rankings in the coming years
(making it a win-win).

That brings me to talking about Pinterest.
Pinterest fascinates me to no end. It’s
the most rapidly growing social media
platform right now, and it’s so much FUN!

There are also some awesome, ethical ways to
telling engaging picture-stories through
Pinterest. This leads people to repin your
stuff and gets them wanting to click through
to see what you’re up to! This can be very

I’ve mentioned Pinterest products in the past
(by Barb Ling, my go-to Pinterest gal), but
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention her
latest —

Pinterest and Kindle — Storyboarding works

I know there are a TON of folks into Kindle
right now. She’s come up with an ingenious
way to promote your Kindle books (your own
or through an affiliate link) to get
tons of notice (and extra sales!).

This method (storyboarding) can be applied
to just about anything, really. I’m very
inspired by this — though I don’t recommend
using Amazon affiliate links due to their
restrictions. But you’ll see how to get around this
(via using your own site), once you’ve gotten
your copy.

I’m also so inspired that I’m ready to hand you
my personal notes on this product, as a bonus!

Just send me an email (hit reply to this one)
after you buy, and I’ll send them right over.

Then, you can get started right away using
Pinterest to increase your sales as a Kindle
author (get more notice to your books, leading
to more natural sales, too!), affiliate marketer,
or product creator.

Barbara did this as a joint venture with Sam
England, and they have actually teamed with
with a ton of other product creators to offer
FREE bonus products on Kindle.

For under $10, this is a value packed WSO that
you’ll absolutely see a return in investment on,
as soon as you put it into practice.