It was over 5 years ago. I was a desperate new mom, fresh
from giving birth to my precious little boy.

I’d just quit my job. I should have been terrified. I was
only 22 years old — we had no savings, no house of our own
… not much at all.

But I still wasn’t terrified.

I knew I was a talented writer. As if by divine intervention
I discovered I could start my own writing business.

I should be humble and say that it took off slowly.

But it didn’t.

Within the week, I’d matched the income I’d made as a

Just in time, too — my teaching paychecks had stopped
coming in the month before.

My services were highly sought after. I rarely did
any marketing at all — some of the biggest ‘names’ in
marketing came to me for ghostwriting (I can’t and won’t
reveal names).

I was passionate about writing. I was even more passionate
about the art of copywriting.

Rave reviews poured in.

After a while, I started releasing my own products and
getting more heavily into affiliate marketing.

I didn’t want to give up ghostwriting and copywriting, but
I didn’t have as much time for it anymore.

So, I hired on some additional writers and scaled back (way
back) on how many jobs I accepted.

This worked well for a while. But I found that I don’t really
like to hand writing projects off to others. No matter how
good of a job they did, it didn’t have my touch. I usually
redid their work.

So, I rarely open the doors for my services now. I especially
haven’t opened the doors for personal Kindle writing…
probably for 6 months or so.

Once a month, I open the doors for copywriting and

Some clients love my deals so much that they buy up spots
to use in the future.

I am in the process of emailing current clients with dates
they can expect their projects. But then I’ll be done.

It’s time for me to make my schedule for March.

Do you want to be on it?

I am booking clients in 5 day increments. There are 31 days
in March.

So that means only 6 client spots available.

You can hire me for:

– Ghostwriting
– Kindle book promotion (I work until you earn more than your
– Kindle book writing
– Copywriting
– The whole month – for all of your projects (get one or more

If you are interested in being one of the 6, please
hit the contact button and detail your project.

All projects are now 100% done by me. All projects are 100%
awesome. All projects will earn you far more than the fee
you pay me.

Prices are extremely (extremely) fair.

You will receive a span of 5 days where you can expect your
project. This new scheduling will work better for me
and for clients.

Contact me with your needs and I’ll give you a quote.


P.S. What’s your freebie? Those who write back will receive
an updated copy of my Kindle books promotion plan.

Definitely something everyone needs with the recent
free book promo shake up