Hey there,

So… I’ve been totally missing a step as an affiliate.
I didn’t realize it until today. I actually never even thought of it until today.
There’s a really important step between setting up a squeeze page and earning from an offer as an affiliate.
We all know that you build a list by giving away a freebie to get people to sign up.
But then, how do you actually earn? How do you turn that subscriber into a buyer?
And this goes for all niches.
Today, I personally bought a product called 9-5 Escape Plan— the premise is that you can quickly build up a $40/day income stream as an affiliate and then turn that into a full time income from there… with the ability to “escape” from your day job if you want to.
I paid about 6 bucks or so for this plan, and I wasn’t expecting a whole lot. I buy and review things all the time that I don’t tell you about- and I write with what I think will actually work for you.
At the same time, this step that I was TOTALLY missing is easy enough for very new affiliates to implement as well.
In fact, based on the overview, the method taught in 9-5 Escape Plan is totally doable, will work, and will help new-experienced people earn more as an affiliate.
I do suggest you grab this product– it’s worth it.
BONUS: Grab this through my link and get my personal notes on 9-5 Escape Plan. This is invaluable because it will help you implement and EARN from this method.
I’m going to be implementing that step I was missing immediately. And I will earn more because of it 🙂
If you’re interested in affiliate marketing and great passive income, you’ll definitely want to check this out.
I hope you have a great weekend! Just write me back to grab your bonus.
That Girl the Writer
P.S. I’m not sure how long the ~$6 price will hold– and note that when I bought, what I actually paid was slightly more than what the buy button said- I think it’s just a little W+ bug- but it’s worth it 🙂 I’m pleased.
Okay… I’m off to finish some work and then learn more from this method. Here’s where you get your copy– and then just write me back for your bonus: