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Increasing conversions is every affiliate marketer’s goal. It can be frustrating to know you’ve done everything “right,” but still have no commissions show up in your affiliate stats panel.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned as an affiliate marketer is to be as specific as possible in my promotions. You want to catch people in the moment they are ready to buy (at most, one step before they are ready to buy).

Think about how you tend to research and buy products online. If you’re like me, then you search around for product reviews, specs, lowest prices, etc. before you make your final decision. So, if they see your product at the beginning of the buying cycle, your conversions are going to be lower because they aren’t quite in “buying mode” yet.

However, if you get them right as they are searching for “specific product X,” then your chances of getting an affiliate sale are very high!

You can develop product-specific websites (which are easy to rank for, in general!) or larger sites with product-specific pages. Either way, your goal should be for people to land on these pages right as they are about to buy. Your content is going to push them over the edge!

If you switch your mindset from creating general sites trying to catch commissions wherever you can, to being as specific as possible, I think you’ll find that your conversions go up. I’m not saying you can’t make great money with more general sites, but you’ll tend to get higher conversion rates with more specific sites and pages.

If you’re frustrated with Amazon, eBay, or other affiliate sales, think of how specific (or not) you’re being.

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Efficiency in Marketing

I’m currently in classes to get my master’s degree. I absolutely love the content and research that goes along with these courses. What I do not love, however, is group work. It’s not that I don’t like interacting with people (I absolutely do!), it’s that I find so much of it inefficient.

Something that would have taken me 1 day to do has taken 3 weeks of back and forth and time wasting. Perhaps that is why I’ve chosen to become a business owner 😉 It makes me wonder just how much time is wasted out there in the working world…and at home.

How efficient are you? Do you take a long time to read? write? make decisions? build? It’s not that there is anything wrong with taking your time on certain things, but where can you become more efficient? What has taken YOU 3 weeks to do that could have been done in 1 day?

I’ve had to learn a huge lesson in efficiency this past year working at home with a 3 year old and a baby. I can only work during very specific (and varied) times…like right now, it’s nap time 🙂 That means I have to get as much done as possible, as quickly as possible. I also have to maintain the level of quality my customers and clients have come to expect.

It’s been a great, but tough, lesson for me. It’s helped me become much more efficient to get more done in less time. The time taken to complete tasks really does shrink or expand out of necessity (or the lack thereof).


That’s it for this Friday newsletter! I hope you enjoyed it. As always, I love to hear your comments, thoughts, and suggestions! What have you done to become more efficient? What are your top affiliate conversion tips?

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